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Looking for Dutchess County’s Best Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

If you need an experienced Traffic Lawyer in Dutchess County who is dedicated to getting the best results for your particular situation look no more. Robert Nachamies’ 15 + years of Traffic experience can save you save time, points, money & hassles when you receive a ticket in the Lower Hudson Valley.

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My Pledge To My Clients…

If you’ve received a DWI, a serious traffic ticket you are nervous, anxious, and worried about how it will affect your life.  If you have been arrested the stress is compounded.

In all three of these cases, you need a skilled and experienced defense firm, who also knows the courts.  You can depend upon my 15+ years of experience in the Peekskill, Westchester & Dutchess Courts to help you.

I know that good people make mistakes, and sometimes they are serious.  I also believe that good people deserve a second chance with minimal effects on their life. My firm focuses on Criminal Law, DWI, and Traffic cases.  My team and I are dedicated to developing the strongest defense for your unique situation. Our goal is to ensure that one mistake has a minimal long-term effect on your life.  On this, you have my word.

~ Robert Nachamie, Esq.

How to find the best traffic ticket lawyer in the Dutchess County vicinity

This short video will give you three tips on finding the best traffic ticket attorney for your needs…

Peekskill NY resident needs traffic ticket lawyer Robert Nachamie

When you need an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Dutchess, call Robert Nachamie

If you have received a traffic ticket or you have been arrested for a traffic violation like DWI or reckless driving, contact experienced Dutchess County traffic lawyer Robert M. Nachamie. The firm represents clients throughout Westchester County. In many instances, Mr. Nachamie can represent you in court without you even having to be there.

If you or someone you know have received a traffic violation please contact traffic lawyer Robert M. Nachamie. To find out more, please call us at 914-930-7978 to arrange a free and confidential consultation. Located in Peekskill, New York. Home consultations in the Dutchess area are available.

Traffic Violations in New York

Traffic Lawyer Robert Nachanie can help you keep your license

New York has a point system for traffic violations. If you receive too many points, you can face severe penalties, including a lengthy driver’s license suspension. The best way to protect your rights and your driving privileges is to aggressively fight each traffic ticket.

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Points that may result from a traffic violation include:

  • Speeding (1-10 MPH over posted limit): 3 points
  • Speeding (11-20 MPH over posted limit): 4 points
  • Speeding (21-30 MPH over posted limit): 6 points
  • Speeding (31-40 MPH over posted limit): 8 points
  • Speeding (more than 40 MPH over posted limit): 11 points
  • Reckless driving: 5 points
  • Failing to stop for a school bus: 5 points
  • Following too closely (tailgating): 4 points
  • Inadequate brakes: 4 points
  • Inadequate brakes while driving an employer’s vehicle: 2 points
  • Failing to yield right-of-way: 3 points
  • Violation involving a traffic signal, stop sign, or yield sign: 3 points
  • Railroad-crossing violation: 3 points
  • Improper passing, unsafe lane change, driving left of center, or driving in wrong direction: 3 points
  • Leaving the scene of an incident involving property damage or injury to a domestic animal: 3 points
  • Safety restraint violation involving a person under 16: 3 points
  • Texting while driving: 5 points
  • Any other moving violation: 2 points
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Attorney Robert Nachamie focuses on Criminal, DWI and traffic law in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties, NY

The “Point” is… when you want to avoid points… hire an experienced Traffic Lawyer that knows The Dutchess Courts

If you have more than 11 points in an 18-month period, the DMV can suspend or revoke your license. Mr. Nachamie will attempt to resolve your case so that you receive no points or as few points as possible. Whether your case is resolved by trial or by plea agreement, he will work diligently to seek the best possible outcome on your behalf. Additionally, there are costly insurance ramifications that will raise your premiums as you continue to accrue points.

Robert M. Nachamie has defended hundreds of clients against traffic citations and criminal charges. Fifteen years+ of experience, respected by judges, district attorneys, and peers, and deep experience with the Dutchess judicial system combine to make Mr. Nachamie your best choice for traffic violation representation.  To find out more, please call  914-930-7978 to arrange a free and confidential consultation. Located in Peekskill, New York. Home consultations are available.

Why Our Clients Choose Us, Over The Competition
Please note we only use client’s initials to respect their privacy

Robert Nachamie saved me from what would’ve been a very unpleasant situation. He came through and got me my life back. He was there every step of the way. I would highly recommend him.

– E.G.

The very best lawyer and very attentive to detail. Extremely caring and dedicated to getting the best results

– R.T.

You are not going to find a more compassionate and ethical attorney who will advocate on behalf of his clients.

– E.P.

I referred a close family friend to Robert Nachamie. She is very happy with how her matter is being handled ! We both recommend Attorney Nachamie highly

– A.G.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a traffic infraction, misdemeanor and felony?2021-06-11T20:26:49+00:00

The level of severity and penalties go up with an infraction being the least serious and a felony being the most flagrant. Misdemeanors carry their own fines and can include potential jail time and a criminal record. Felonies usually occur after repeated infractions, or significant damage to persons or property. Felonies are most significant tickets and could carry the largest fines.  They may include a criminal record and can include more than a year of jail time.

If I loose my license, what will happen if I get caught driving?2021-06-11T20:28:48+00:00

If you get caught driving after you have had your license revoked you may face very heavy fines and even jail time. If you need to drive for work or school speak with a lawyer like Robert Nachamie to apply for a hardship license.  If it is possible an experienced attorney may be able to obtain a hardship license.

If I am guilty of a traffic infraction, should I just admit it, pay the fine and be done with it?2021-06-11T20:30:24+00:00

An experienced traffic attorney in many cases can save you time, money and points, which then can prevent increases in insurance premiums. Hiring a talented lawyer can make all the difference.

When you need a traffic lawyer in Westchester County or The Hudson Valley… Contact The Law Office of Robert M. Nachamie

If you or someone you know have received a traffic violation in Dutchess County, please contact traffic lawyer Robert M. Nachamie. To find out more, please call us at 914-930-7978 to arrange a free and confidential consultation. The office is located in Peekskill, New York –  consultations are available in mutually convenient locations in Dutchess County.

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